Mayorga -- how bad is this man?

Seriously, I haven't got to see any of his fights, but from what I hear, he is the second coming of Hagler as far as chins go.

How hard a puncher is he? Is his stamina good? Does he stand a chance against Tito Trinidad?

Mayorga is one of my favorites. He does have a really solid chin, and good stamina. Trinidad is going to be a difficult matchup for him IMO. Even though Tito hasn't fought in 2 years or whatever, he's still a damn dangerous opponent for Mayorga in his first middleweight fight.

Both guys have heavy hands, but Tito has a better defense. Mayorga can take some unnecessary shots, and vs. Tito's power, even with Mayorga's chin, it's going to be a long night for him. I hope he'll win, but I think it's a bad matchup for him.

you gotta see mayorga/forrest 1 & 2, some funny footage in those fights. in the 1st fight, mayorga tells his corner in between rounds, "that black guy hits hard!" entertaining trash talker as well.

He was outboxed vs. Spinks but Spinks is MUCH more elusive than Trinidad. Tito is not a master boxer, he is more of a stalker. He has a powerful left hook but I think Mayorga is overall stronger (despite coming up in weight) and has more natural power. Tito is more accurate and has better technique with his punches but Mayorga has heavier hands. I think that Tito was never that hard to hit however, and with the layoff his defense will be even rustier. Look for him to be beating Ricky for the first half of the fight, get caught by a wild punch, and then get KO'ed or stopped by a rampaging Mayorga.