Mayorga is a greasy punk

That's just my opinion - both fighters in the ring. This should be good

Down goes Mayorga !!!!!

Left hook about 1 min in

Boxing lesson given by Oscar in round 1

Mayorga really went down?

TTT for Oscar getting his gloves greasy.

lol serves that shit talking asshole right.

That's great...I hope he knocks that dirtbag out!

Round two also to Oscar. He's a much better boxer.

Mayorga's legs are weak. Oscars hurting him with short straight punches.


please dont troll this my dish is messed up and im counting on you guys


Round 3 to Oscar. - 1 good punch for Mayorga.

LMAO if May wins.

keep it coming!

Body shots are hurting Mayorga. He does not look good

Mayorga weak after that round. Oscar has won all four rounds. His body shots are murdering him.

Go DLH!!

DLH takes another round. Mayorga with some dirty boxing. Good fight. Mayorga hanging in there. He needs a smoke !!

Down goes Mayorga !!!!!