Mayorga slaps Oscar De La Hoya lol

I think they're going overboard.  Trying too hard. Good fight though.

Mayorga smokes two packs of cigs per day.

Just a tidbit

The more they pump the fight the more $ Oscar gets. He makes his bank from PPV sales ( Don King said he is aiming for an unprecedented two million PPV buys at 49.95 a pop ). He will make more then 15 million after it's all done. Then go on to fight Tito, Winky or Floyd for abother 20 million. When he retires at age 35 - he would have made close to 500 million. Not bad for a kid growing up in S. Central.

LOL, check out Mayorga's comments toward De La Hoya:

"You have no balls, you faggot, I'm going to bring you back to my home and put in my bed and make you my bitch. You claim to represent your people? I just smacked you in the back of the head and you did nothing. Tell your wife to cook you some eggs every morning so you can grow some balls."

"fag" is another name for cigarette.

No cklass whatsover, but that is hardly news. Mayorga can bang but he is sloppy and can easily be outboxed by someone of DLH's caliber.

Oscar wins with ease

Mayorga is rich because of his shit talk and 2 wins over Forrest. He's never really done anything else of note in the ring, but his shit talk keeps him in the spotlight, making big money.

Gotta admit, he's pretty funny. Like boxing's Nick Diaz.

He's smart. He makes a name for himself, increases the buy rate, and guarantees himself more fights. That is being smart. Not stupid.

Mayorga is going to get beat down

"When he retires at age 35 - he would have made close to 500 million. Not bad for a kid growing up in S. Central."

You sure about that number? East LA's Oscar DeLaHoya has definitely made a lot of money but he's only got 30 some odd fights. even if he were paid 10 million per fight, which we know it averages closer to 3 million, he would be no where near $500 million. I'll set the conservative estimate at $100 million.

Mayargo is an idiot and I doubt most boxing fans are really buying into his antics. Oscar's a pretty classy guy. Nice to see him doing so well.

He made a million his 1st fight ever out of the Olympics. He made a million winning the Gold. He has made from 1 - 20 million for each fight. 4 years ago he made 300 million + already. He bets on himself too:)

Fights, Endorsements, Sponsorships. It is known that Oscar's fan gear alone makes a million + a year. His CD made millions. He owns multi million dollar business buildings in downtown LA – 25 floors high. Golden Boy Promotions is doing very very well for him as well. He made his 1st million at 18 – now 32 + add it all up.

I have no doubt DLH is worth half a billion, I think your original post made it seem like that was all from the figher's gross purse money, which isnt even close to half a bil, although its the most of any nonheavy in history, easily.

Shouldnt DLH be retiring any day now to become an architect?

I said " When he retires at age 35 - he would have made close to 500 million. Not bad for a kid growing up in S. Central. " Sorry if it sounded like gross from purse.

I doubt Oscar can KO anyone anymore. People seem to forget he was only a ko artist years ago at a different weight. Mayorga is a crappy fighter, who can be outboxed by even a b-level guys.

Mayorga is smart, his best chance is a brawl, and a hot-headed Oscar might just try at to in the early rounds. That said, Oscar by descision.

LOL@No Balls. Oscar has never ducked anyone. I used to hate him back in the day, because of his Golden Boy image, but the guy has fought all the best fighters.