Mayra Bueno Silva vs. Stephanie Egger

Up next… I got Egger

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I got Bueno Silva. Dont get in the clinch, taken down and controlled. Egger seems like a one note fighter and Silva has enough skill and physicality to win

Has this started or what?

about to. walkouts now

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wow going to reply.

Come on Egger…

Hmmm very odd. Didn’t know they poll the judges on replays.

Phantom tap

I dunno how anyone could 100% see a tap there…although there probably was…cant imagine she would let go of the arm for no reason.

That armbar was in. Egger didnt dispute off the bat. She tapped and didnt acknowledge it. Poor sport. No budo.

Man this is a tough way to end a fight. Glad I didn’t have money on this one.

Yeah kinda shitty by Egger if she tapped. Next time juat break the arm I guess.

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I think the tap was in front of one of the judges.


Silva not wanting to shake hands.

whats this crying BS. bring back the old school guys like tank abbott

God will somebody shut her the fuck up?!

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I wonder if this situation will be the impetus for getting additional built-in cameras around the octagon. Not that this was some major, high-profile fight, but it raises the issue of blind spots.

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