Mayweather-Big show...

I know its pro wrestling and blah blah just in case anyone is wondering mayweahter hit big show with chair like 10 times then used some chain for a win. Maybe one of worst endings of all time.


go suck karalexis' dick!

lol at hittting big show with chair 10 times

It was such a boring match. Then the ending was least climatic ending ever.

Yea the funny thing was he was supposed to be the good guy but crowd kept booing him.

"go suck karalexis' dick!"

great comeback! adds Tkw003314 to the list of homos to kill

Did he use his boxing?

Undertaker is on now i think..sounds like it in the nerd convention in my living room.

yes TRJ he did one punch with a gold chain and knock him out after lots of  chair shots. It was really stupid. The only match I cared about was Ric Flair's last match.

^ Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was not portrayed as an mma fighter. They tried it once and it only lasted like 2 weeks before it was dropped.

u can tap out now in rasslin

meh i think they try to potray him as a muay thai fighter which is also very stupid.

Did Kamala win?

pro wrestling needs to fucking go
its the worst

it also makes MMA look dumb to outsiders
when i talk about MMA some people think its wrestling

Ryan Mcloed..... do you mean ken shamrock!??!

Yeah, Ken Shamrock! Shamrock!

Did the British Bulldogs beat the Killer Bees tonight?

actually it was a gogoplata!