Mayweather / Corley on HBO

Decent fight - both guys nailing each other in the 4th round.

Someones gonna go !

Did you hear Corley is raising his own 7 kids, then his brother who passed aways 7 kids? 14 kids?? He's not making the money Mayweather is, poor guy.

No boxing fans here ? OK, I'll try another

Who's leading on the scorecards in your opinion?

Jason Probst is scoring it for Mayweather all the way thus far. I can't watch it on TV, but these are the results I'm getting from

Mayweather has skills. There was a good article about him in the USA Today a couple days ago saying that now that RJJ lost to Tarver, that Mayweather Jr. may be the best in the world Pound For Pound.

I think he's definitely one of the best out there right now.

Mayweather just put him down. Mayweathers ahead.

OOPs - Down goes Corley 10th round early.

so mayweather is winning

Yep. He's gonna stop him.

Is it Mayweather that wants to fight Gatti?

Freakin Mayweather is like prompting Corley to hit him. "Stand there and fight" "There you go" "Hit me already"

The guy is arrogant.

Mayweather wins going away - Unanimous.

Doesn't seem fair subwhitebelt...... sheesh. Did you hear someone say something on there about it being a Don King Production? Would that have had anyhing to do with the money difference?


HBO are the ones that pay Floyd Mayweather.

celtic, you might try the boxing forum here on

Hey! Somebody is actually reading my round by round!

Nice performance by Floyd.

Corley has a lot of heart. He did a caveman (hammerfist) in round seven trying to hurt Mayweather's hand. Pretty ineffective.


Jason, I read your round-by-round coverage all the time, since I don't get HBO here. You do great work, keep it up.