Mayweather-Cotto 24/7 Tonight

 I'll post the episodes in here when they become available...first episode tonight.

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Cotto's best punch was the left hook.  Mayweather is only gonna get caught with a quick overhand right followed by a left hook, which is what Zab rocked him with.  I don't think Cotto has the tools though.  Cotto is gonna look foolish getting peppered with straight rights.


 no problem fellas 


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my peepee tingles for this!

 starts at 6:45, for those with HBO.


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 "You can't make love to my nephew" lol..R.Mayweather

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Subbed. Thanks man

Did this episode already happen? Phone Post

 yes it did...just waiting on a clean upload

Cool thanks bro. I have HBO but I guess I missed it. Phone Post

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