Mayweather Jr. Has Lost A Step.

Let me say this. I have been a HUGE fan of Floyd
since watching him come from the Olympic class of

I was even more high on him after the destruction
of Corrales. I've caught all of his fights since
that amazing performance & some were lackluster &
some poor outings were even blamed on his hands.

This past fight against Ndou I was out of town &
missed the fight. So I had to rely on the net for
details & alot of boxing critics said it was his
BEST outing since Corrales.

Just last night a friend of mines let me borrow the
tape of that fight & let me tell you.

I damn near got depressed when I watched that fight.

Floyd fought like he was on the comeback trail from a
2-3yr layoff. His timing was not near as SHARP as
were're accustomed to seeing & he was fighting
flatfooted. Also, he's has lost some of his speed
after moving up in weight.

He fought like he doesn't train as hard as he used

The is no way Floyd looked awesome. I've been
watching boxing long enough to know when someone is
rusty. Floyd skills are GREATLY diminishing!!!!!

It's that 'good life' he's living. Plus, it's no-
body out there who the public wants to see him up

He should move back down to 130lbs & try to fight
Eric Morales.

That fight would generate big PPV numbers.

Floyd needs to get with it & move back down to his
original weight class in which he'll be faster.

I don't like this new style of Floyd staying in the
'pocket' toooo long and slugging. I miss the Floyd
that hit you & got out of the way.

Mayweather hasn't lost a step - he just had a different strategy against a different style. That's one sign of a great boxer, IMO - being able to adapt against different styles.

Mayweather looked great in the fight...there was so much hype about how Ndou was an underated challenger, floyd should watch out blah blah blah and then he destroyed him....

FM is just getting going...

"Not only did he had Nelson Mandela and South Africa on his shoulders, he performed his own circumcision to fulfill his tribe's rite of manhood"

Whoa whoa whoa...b4 the fight or just at some point...

either way, a belt is def he's braver than i thought....

haha...funny you say that cuz when i was reading the choices thats the first thing i thought of....

haha....that would have to be one big lion....

Floyd has never looked better. Ndou charged him with about 40 straight punches and almost all of 'em missed.

if that's what losing a step looks like, sign me up, I'd like to lose 3 or 4


Ndou's stock went up because of that fight in most people's eyes. He got his ass kicked but fought with skill and heart in losing.

The best thing I saw in Floyd in his alst fight is that he threw alot of hard shots and his hands seemed to hold up well. If Floyd starts fighting with confidence in his hands holding up, there will be some people in big trouble. IMO a very good case can be made for Floyd as PFP #1 right now.

IMO the only thing that seperates Floyd from Bernard and Roy is the first fight with Castillo. It was a fight that I thought he lost hands down and I usually favor the boxer in match ups like that.

Floyd soundly defeated Castillo in the rematch however so he deserves huge props.