Mayweather/mosley PBP anyone?

is anyone doing a PBP for the fight tonight?

 Yeah, its called find a stream.

^ good call there! Love to see it.

if Mosley can impose his jab like Oscar did (for two rounds) and work the body on the ropes, he wins

They have shown Paris Hilton and Puff Daddy in the crowd. About as much excitement as this card has shown me.

I know people are raving at the Ginger/Cotto fight but that shit was garbage boring. As this main event will probably be.

Larry Merchant is being an annoying fuck.

Is that fur?

God shut this guy up.

ist rd mosley. though close

2-0 Mosley...def won the 2nd rd

i agree, Mosley, early in the fight, appears to be significantly the stronger fighter.


mayweather is fighting agressive, walking mosely down

mayweather takes round 4

nobones you rock dude

emmanuel stewart hanging on mayweathers nuts

mayweather hits a big left. taking over.

^ me too

mayweather takes 6th. starting to run away with it.

maywaethers best round statisticly