Mayweather's Handshake

Yeah, probably wrong forum........

Ffloyds handshake(with BigShow)looked a little weak for the best fighter in the world!!!!

I liked to see him fight Cotto, Judah, or maybe him jump up to Jr Middleweight and fight guys like Spinks or Forrest possibly fight at a catch weight against Kelly Pavlik or Winky Wright

If your going to be the greatest fighter IMO then you got the fight other great P4P fighters around you...

He already fought and beat Judah and Pavlik is huge. He is like 6'3" and fought over the weekend at 165lb. Winky Wright is a great fight but 2 defensive fighters is a tough sell. I hope he fights Cotto, that would be a great fight.

The way he shooked Big Shows hand was kind of girly...And the dude wants to be a actor??? Mayweather could not act his way out of a paper bag last night....


Floyd has brittle hands and is very cognizant of not doing the ultra-firm handshake.

Only assholes try to impress people with their grip in a handshake.

Agreed DVW but, still run into a lot of A-holes who still do that and/or try to do the wrist turn (so theirs is on top). WEAK.

Until he beats Orton for the belt he's not the best.

The black/gay dudes pose after his backflip is fucking classic.