Mayweather's past opponents

Of all of Mayweather's opponents, who has come the closest to having DLH's attributes?

Not just in terms of skill, but in terms of size, speed, strength, power, and chin?

I've been thinking about how these 2 will match up, and I'm wondering if Mayweather has fought someone similar to DLH before, and if so, how did he do?

The one attribute that DLH has that I think will go a LONG way for him in this potential matchup is his CHIN. Aside from being dropped by Quartey, I don't think he's ever been seriously rocked by a shot to the head.

So, continuing along this line of thought, I was wondering about Mayweather's previous opponents, and who among them had a similar chin to Oscar's.

I thought there was no way ODLH was fighting PBF


that's why I said "potential" matchup.