MBA Applications = Brutal

Goodness, is anyone else applying for business school right now?

I'm shocked at how long it is taking (and the $200+/school fees). I'm writting approximately 12 pages of essays per school, and looking up everything from my class rank in college to a part time job just out of highschool. This is crazy. I don't remember ever doing this much to get in as an undergrad, but I suppose if your application is the story of yourself, the story was a lot shorter then.


Wait until you get in...


Well, the good news is I won't have my coworkers annoying me. And I guess I'll have to pare back on MMA.TV for the 2 years :)

hey thomas, where are you applying? good luck with apps!

...i find that a handful of essays can be used across all applications (of course they always throw in one from left field just for fun).

Thanks! I'm applying to SMU, Harvard, and Stanford. I figured I'm only going to move for a top 5 school. SMU has already offered me a scholarship so that is a good fall back.

Anyway, I got my recommendation requests out last week and have finished up all (6) of my Harvard essays. You guys are right, I'm going to try to reuse as much as possible (esp the generic "why do you want an MBA" type). My manager is at least cool and doesn't mind me working on them in the office.

I'm also applying for business schools for next year. I'm way behind you in the whole process though...

I'm taking GMAT in 2 weeks and trying to finish the essays.

That exactly what one of my friends who went to Duke said, it can be a crap shoot. Hopefully I fit whatever role they're looking for, and the readers are into martial arts :) I think if I waited 3-4 more years, I'd have a much better chance. But that sort of timing wouldn't be right for me personally. The ultimate irony is the guys they get to the top schools are the exact people who don't need a top degree to succeed.

"Apply to as many schools as you can reasonably understand"

Thats a really good comment. Another factor for me though is the recommendations. Those are very time consuming for my senior manager, etc, and he was already complaining after doing 3 (esp Stanford, which is open ended).

Thanks. Yep, I did end up getting some martial arts references. Honestly, IMO there are very few people at work that are qualified or articulate enough to write a rec for me. And considering a I work in telecom, 2/3 of my old managers and our company have been let go since I started 4 years ago. Anyway, SMU and Harvard should go out today, and Stanford on Friday.