MBA in Human Resources?

Summoning the infinite wisdom of the OG: is getting an MBA in HR a good way to leverage my love of languages and being a people person, to being a HR director?

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Are you a transgender minority?

If not, you should voluntarily move to the back of the line.


Well, the guy above me already nailed it so, good day zen


I am a minority with a large peepee, does that count?

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Its a masters in Henchman.

Right and wrong will have nothing to do with the job. As long as you possess a certain moral ambiguity you should be fine.


I’m confused. Isn’t an MBA supposed to be about business management… expose people to so many case studies… question mark… ok, you’re ready to be captain of the ship.

Is HR really filled with that many over-qualified people? Is it the competition level to score one of these jobs?

Say anything. I’m listening. I can’t figure it out.

Like, if you’re going to do all that work… why not go to law school, become a lawyer, something like that?

Am I wrong to say that HR is just hiring people and firing people? I have no training whatsoever but I’m an asshole, I’ll do it. What are they paying?

Have you always wanted to work in HR, or did it start looking attractive relative the other options at some point? What were the other options?

Seriously though, I’ll do it. I’ve always wanted to go home at 3:30 or 4.


No. Waste of money. What state are you in?

Ive known HR people and they are incredible. Incredible assholes.

The ones that work for us are kind of like the way the mob has those lawyer council guys who show up at the jail to find out why you got pinched and if you’re going to squeal or not.

They basically give advice to executives and middle managers on when and where you can fire people and whether it’s going to be problematic to do so. The ones I knew were incredibly diabolical and intentional. Sort of like the Office Space Bobs!

“Let’s fire her on Thanksgiving weekend so the office is closed for four days! Less chance of an incident!”


You have to be a faggot or a fat black bitch to even get an interview

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I know a guy who’s wife has a masters degree and is hr management

She makes a shitload of money and yells at him a lot

Hope that helps


HR is usually women and they are allowed to hire one guy that is either a fag or a himbo that they can ogle at lunch while pretending they are eating a healthy salad and that they aren’t binge eating the rest of the day.

It’s glandular, might be a thyroid thing.


When jinx and I agree, its undeniable


If you like hanging out with fat, unmarried or divorced, middle-aged women with a permanent chip on their shoulder, it’s perfect.




He means a literal potato chip on their shoulder because of the constant sitting and snacking.


Can always rely on the OG for laughs and some good insights


There are HR jobs that deal less with people. Setting up salary ranges, benifits programs, etc.

Probably not the best use of your skills.


Intersectionality is the key to “success.”

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You have to look like this to be an HR expert.

You think I’m kidding but these gentlemen above are not kidding!