anyone have any experience with metabloic bone disease or paralysis of the rear legs in an iguana

im taking mine to the vet, but i just want to know if anyone has any experience with this

I have some.The neighbours' Iggy had it real bad and almost died.Had to have her tail amputated and her rear legs were permanently bent and crippled.She never had trouble getting around strangely enough and was the sweetest tempered and tamest iggy i've ever seen.I ended up owning her for a few years too, she was a sweetheart who would bask outside in the sun all day in the summer with screaming kids running around and barely even notice them.She never tried to run off and would casually stroll over to the shade for short periods to cool off at times.

She was just badly taken care of for the first few years of her life with a terrible diet, no UV rays, and a tiny enclosure that i kid you not, she couldn't even turn around in.To their credit the owners sought out info and eventually ended up having a giant enclosure custom made.It's just at the time there was basically no info available, and the pet store people didn't have a clue telling them that lettuce was fine with some bugs, and that they didn't need any light, and smaller cage was better to "keep him small".Yeah they thought she was a he, until the day "he" layed eggs all over the house.It's a miracle she ever survived her first years, one tough lizard.She had a pretty awesome life after that though and when i had to give her up it was with great sadness and to a great home out of town with a girl who was very well informed.

i hope mine never gets anything like that.

i need to definately get her a bigger cage though. she isnt getting any bigger, and i KNOW thats not good for her.

i have already had her in three cages, each getting bigger every time. guess im gonna have to build one myself.

hes ok now, vet gave him some vitamen shots and i started to feed him with a syringe(he wasnt eating) doin ok now

i hate how some pets stores will sell people shit when they have absolutly no knowledge of it..... it makes me very mad

as a matter of fact, hes crawling down the stairs as we speak

yeah, pet stores are fucking ignorant about the animals they own. they told me (and i think ive mentioned this before) that a heatrock would be fine for my iguana, and the soft gel reptile food would be plenty good for diet.

im glad i got this thick ass book about iguanas, or i would have let the girl get burned or something.

i let mine sit on a heatrock for awhile a couple times a day, just fold a towel over it

yeah, but heatrocks often arent constant in temperature. they can get REAL FUCKING HOT sometimes. infact, the rock i had in her cage at first was so hot i couldnt even touch it. i was wondering why she was laying BESIDE it instead of ON it one day.

i think it possibly could have caught a towel on fire...im not kidding, it was VERY hot.

wow, fuck that shit, you could prob find one with variable temp

naw, i just use lights now

coolcool, usually its warm enough here (st pete fl) that i dont have to use anything to keep him warm, just a full spectrum

lucky bastid....its -10 here!


it's -30 here!!

hahaahaaaa its a chilly 70 here

HA! chilly 70.....thats what my HEAT is set on!

well if it makes you feel better, i love the cold and wish we could switch places

Yeah I get so annoyed at some pet store people. I know that not everyone has to be an expert, but for fock's sake, if you don't know, say so.  Don't make up stuff.

Over here it's been up around 40 degrees, celcius... What's that in farenheit, like 104f.


shit nigga, im from south tx so im used to that 3 digit heat shit

fuck yeah i would trade

but i would miss the abundant fight scene here.

Lotsa fights here, mostly it's to stay warm