MBF posture therapy.

Wanted to give a shout out to the forum's very own Bolo (aka Michael Jen). After talking to him a couple of times, and reading his posts on this site and also his mbf forum, I decided to take the plunge.

I've been suffering with spodylolysis/spondylolesthesis on the L4-L5 since birth. This has also caused me severe sciatic pain and dropfoot the past 4 years. In addition I have suffered tears in both rotator cuffs as well as numerous ankle injuries. This dysfunction has led to reduced energy, constant pain and agony.

I have gone through the usual chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, neuro-muscular activation and also yoga and pilates. NOTHING has worked. At least no more than an hour or so.

10 days ago I sent in my pics to Bolo. Immediately he gave me a call and sent me the initial program. Did it 2-3 times a day. From the second day on I have not felt any, i repeat, ANY?!?! pain.

Anyone with joint or muscular issues, imbalances etc, do yourself a favor and talk to Michael Jen. Your body will thank you.

his website is solution4pain.com

I was also interested due to neck problems that chiro, massage, A.R.T., acupuntuncture could not fix and Michael spoke at length with me over the phone about it. Fortunately I was able to connect with an MBF practitioner in my city and within a week I was pain free.

Recently I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing horrible pain. I wasn't able to see my MBF person right away because I was travelling a couple days after the pinched nerve started. I thought I was in luck as the city I was going to had a very well known chiropractor who's been endorsed by many mma stars, so I thought he'd be able to fix me up for sure. He was really cool and freed up time on the weekend to help me out (saw him twice) but I got very little relief and within a few hours it was back to excruciating pain again. It wasn't cheap either!

When I returned home I immediately called my MBF lady and set up a session. Within 4 days after our session the pain was completely gone but I was still having muscle spasms. We met again for another session where she gave me a new program, and after two weeks (I wasn't as consistent doing the program) there was no more spasms.

What I've found is that MBF is freakin amazing, but after you're initial pain is gone it's hard to maintain your program consistently since you're feeling good already and would rather spend the 30-45 minutes sleeping in the morning than doing the program. In the end though, it helped get me back to training and living pain free.

I understand not wanting to spend the 2 min i guess. For me though, the idea that i would let myself revert back to a constant state of pain, motivates me. Besides you should probably keep doing it for a while since the exs get harder and more demanding. Your postural muscles will become much stronger and you will be able to get back into the rougher more dysfunction causing activities. Since my goal is to be able to train grappling and striking without having to take a week off to recoup.


The point about consistency and dedication to the program is is an interesting issue. I believe that is the main reason why MBF is not attractive to or doesn't work for some people. Heck, none of my brothers or sister were able to stick with their programs.

The goal of MBF is not for a person to need to do the program forever. One goal of the system is to get a person's body to a point in which natural functional movement can maintain or improve the body in the same way that the program did. However, that does require some lifestyle changes. If lifestyle changes are not made, then a person may need to stay on MBF continuously. For example, if your job requires you to sit at a desk for 10 hours a day, you may need something like MBF as long as you have that kind of job.

Unfortunately, I also have come to the realization that as long as I train BJJ, I will need to do MBF. Why? Because jiu-jitsu is all about the forceful misalignment of an opponent's body. Since my opponents are forcefully creating misalignment in my body, I need MBF to counteract that negative effect.

I have been on the MBF program for several years now and what keeps me motivated and consistent is that I am also using the system to reach certain goals. For example, I made it a personal goal to be able to do the sideways splits. So, I had MBF creator, Geoff Gluckman, make me a program to help me with that goal. The interesting thing is that the MBF method to increase flexibility is unlike anything I have come across before. The only thing in regards to goals like mine is that the knowledge to put together such a program is beyond the training that any of the MBF practitioners, including myself, has received. So I need to go to Geoff for things like this.



I was surprised when you said that there were times in which you did your program 3 times a day. You're one of the few people how actually has done it more than I suggested.

Know if there is anyone available in Chicago? My posture is bad from too much desk and my knee that I had surgery on is causing me hip and ankle pain (insurance ran out before physio was done).

I really need to do something about it.

There isn't anyone near Chicago, therefore, you may want to consider my online program. It's not the same as seeing a practitioner in person, but guys like forum member MOLON LAVE have had success with it. I believe MOLON LAVE is also from Chicago.

Should have mentioned it I guess. Yes I'm in Chicago. The online program is what has been working this great for me.

I did not have the discipline to stick with the daily program but I felt like I had good results while I was doing it.

I may try it again after full recovery from my knee surgery, if Bolo would be amenable.

 Bolo - how can we find out more about your online program? Could you give us details/a website?

Thanks in advance

what does this consist of?

my gf has scoliosis, could this program help her?

(i'm in the Montreal area if that helps)

You can check out my site at www.solution4pain.com.

Yes, MBF can help with scoliosis. I deal with a young girl who had really bad scoliosis and the Dr. put her in a back brace. I told her to stop using the brace as it was making her worse. She did her MBF programs for 6 months and when the Dr. re-examined her situation, her scoliosis had decreased by 6 - 7 degrees.