Mbns annual holiday psa

Happy thanksgiving you inbred cockbreaths.

With thanksgiving and soon hannukah/xmas on the way, it is important to remember to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE YOU LIMPDICKED BUTTPIRATES!!! We all want to see you back here tomorrow, even (especially?) the ones we argue with the most.

Take an uber/lyft/taxi/subway instead if driving tonight. That being said… i still want to encourage you to go have fun, and hopefully put your pecker in a new place.

Tomorrow i fully expect… nay, DEMAND, thread titles such as:

Banged fatty from hs, regret nothing!

Does this look bad to you? (Graphic!)

Pissing razorblades, and other holiday adventures


I was just singing your praises in the waffle thread!

Are we still allowed to serve frozen pancakes or is that a no no during the holiday season?

The trick is to make and freeze them when you’re sober, so you have them at the ready when you’re drunk or hungover

Man, I’m fully on board the frozen pancake train. I just don’t want to overstep or create a Christmas blow up by not following the proper protocols.


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Be safe you degens

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The best anti drinking song

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Actually not about booze at all. Im retarded. I always though it was about not drinking and doing something stupid

Yes of course you can serve frozen pancakes after reheating them. Dont be a monster!

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I remember MBN before he got hitched. He was always posting hotties.

I hope you and your family have a great thanksgiving MBN!

^ can still do that!!


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Thanksgiving at OPs house today

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I’m thankful you’ve taken one for team and are Gritty’s friend. None of us want that job.

My PSA - make sure you keep your Turkey frozen before putting it in the deep fryer in your garage.


Wait… I thought I was supposed to throw it in the dryer for about an hour before it goes in the deep fryer?

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Ban bars on the holidays!

Some swear by this one simple trick to make your thanksgiving meal straight fire.

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So… who has an adventure from last night to share?