McAfee Registration Information

Okay, no I'm not asking for McAfee serials or anything.

I have McAffee Anti Virus installed on my computer, normally I tell it to update, it goes to McAfee's website, automatically logs me in and starts the download. However, now it's asking me for my registration informaiton (the email address and password I entered when I first registered). I had it set to automatically remember that info but for one reason or another it seems to have forgotten it. Anyways, does anyone know where on my system it stores the information so I can go back and get it again? I just have no clue where on my computer McAfee stored the info. The problem is when I registered I remember putting in a BS email address so I wouldn't get more spam, but now I cna't remember which email address I gave them.

Anyone know where to look on my side? I already did a search through the registery and didn't see anything. I also started digging around the McAfee files in my Program Files directory but haven't found anything