MCC Des Moines, IA

John Halverson and myself (Ryan Hass) put on a really good first show for the Midwest Cage Championship (MCC) on February 11th. Our card turned out to be a great night of fights. Thank you to all of our fighters, fans, and supporters!!!!

Our next show is April 8th. We will begin match making our card next week. Anyone interested in being on our card, please contact me at
We will have 2 amateur fights and the rest pro. Our show will be bigger and better than this last!!!

Good fights!!!!

Less rap, PLEASE!

It was a great show...good fights, great announcing, very well put together. I couldn't hear the round bell for some reason though.

TTT great guys hope it kicks ass...Wish I could get on the card, but I need to get a few things settled...

Yeah the show went great, but we know what kinks we have to work out to make it a better show!

Tom, as far as my fight.... I wanted to stand the whole time, but he was getting close to knocking me out, so it went to the ground! I about caught him in an guillotine, arm-bar, and finished with an arm-bar! I have alot of work to do on my cardio before I'm back! I understand about you not being able to make it! I'll match you up with someone at 155, I don't want to see you cutting to 145 to fight James being he walks around at 140.


??? 160+ I can piss and sleep off should be fine bro.

It was a very good show and the crowd was huge. I'm sure the next one will be even better.

Can we count on a Jeremy Stephens/Chris Mickle title fight?

You can probably count on it for the end of May. We have better ideas for our show in April. A title at 170! Should be a good one! I like 4 man fights and would like to get one going!!!!

Thanks for the support!


Ryan, can you send me an email, i have a Question about a fighter i have.....

Sounds like a good one, got other ideas along the same lines!!!!!!

Cool, good luck w/ the show guys...

Halverson is a good guy.