McCarthy vs. Riggs

This should be a fight Zuffa should have on UFC 51. Both are very intense fighters and this would be a barnburner. Please lets discuss.

After speaking with Santino about Riggs it is amazing how similar these two are. Riggs was like 300 pounds and lost it all, same as Charles. They both walk around at about 210 as well. Maybe they are related? Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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This would be a badass fight that needs to be in the UFC.

Riggs is as talented as they come and im a huge fan. I would love to do it if zuffa can set it up.

McCarthy by Sub!

I havent seen a whole lot of chainsaw, but from what i did see this would be a hell of a fight for any event....Rory, I hope you still have ears after listening to santino talk for hours upon hours haha

never was 300+ most i got to was 277. It was pretty nasty looking too :).

I can actually do better.


Holy SHIT, Charles! I haven't ever seen you like that.... when I met you I think you were like 250. Times have changed, bro.


It was a pleasure having Santino around. He fit right in withe all of us. He is a good kid.

Let's get the after now please. That cannot be the last image burned into my brain of Charles. Please, someone put up that pretty picture of Metrosexual Charles from the Pride auditions.

Okay, that is better. Thank you.

Rory dont get me wrong, Santino is the man, he and I used to be room mates, its just a joke between him and I.

Jed, there was never a misunderstaning bro. It is all good in the hood.

Wow, that doesn't even look like you Charles. Your looking much better. Lots healthier... way to go.


care to let a fatty in on how this happened? I am seriously considering making a drastic change, lemme know if a have any hints...