McConnell "Joe Biden is a traitor"

Same with that triple chinned faggot Mitch. His wife is CCP.

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This is my question for @Bo_Ba_9000 too…

Admittedly I know nothing about Matt Jones, but IF he is just another automatic yes vote for Schumer then perhaps you aren’t the conservative you think you are.

I said IF.

Tipping the senate in favor of the Dems would be a disaster. Fortunately the midterms look to be good for the Republicans in the house.

Roger that.

Mitch is brilliant. He was praising Biden when he got elected, trashing him now and will be praising him again when approval ratings go back up.

Mitch loved trump but once trump lost he trashed him.

Mitch is great at stayed one step ahead and being the best front runner in DC. He is the best at what he does IMO.

Doesn’t have the votes for that either

You judge them on what they do.

You do not trust what they say.


MM is one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever participate in American politics. Fuck that guy.

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What a fail by Biden…

George Wallace, Democrat

Bull Connor, Democrat

Jefferson Davis, Democrat


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