McCorkle LIVE on radio now (Spencer Fisher soon

Late Night MMA radio.. never heard of it before tonight when I saw it on blogtalk lol.

Should be interesting..

McCorkle says

- Believes Cain is better than JDS despite loss; upset he lost because he "hates whenever he feels better guy losses"
- Jon Jones runs through Machida
- Feels if he fought Stefan Struve 10 times, he (McCorkle) would win 9 of 10.
- Asked Jason Guida to not kill him and his family, sorry for Guida feeling disrespected, that it was just a joke and he regrets messing with "REAL crazy people". LMAO!
- His dream match-up would be a rematch vs Struve or Fedor.

I could so see McCorkle vs Fedor in Japan.. seems like a fight M1 would love to put on.

Believe Spencer Fisher is up live next...not sure though, not my show.

Razor Rob McCullough up next.. not 'The King.

Also should mention there is a chat box you can sign into via twitter or facebook and ask the host/fighters direct questions.. Most/All questions seem to get answered.