McCorkle Vs Tiny Internet fight thread

Come on now. Who the hell feels like going between threads to read the epic battle ensuing. Do it here. Instigate both until this becomes thunderdome! I think they should do snaps and end it with a combo of their choosing. ie: your mama has a peg leg with a kick stand. /high low four count.

you have 220+ posts since new years eve. you dont deserve to host such a thread. get fucked.

That's adorable. I will. Anyways, anyone who is not a poop packing fagio feel like contributing? I say it goes down this afternoon. This is the cyber jungle gym on the playground where all disputes should be settled.

Maybe romos of what if?

I prefer the other threads, but I will make this establishing post here on the off chance this one blows up.

I figure it's a long shot but would be great.

nothing to see here...


Your thread sucks cock you stupid canadian.

McCorkle needs to step up.

The_Canadianator - I figure it's a long shot but would be great.

who the fuck cares what you say or think?