McCullough Vs. Karalexis Next?

Yahoo! Sports

Karalexis cleared: Lightweight Alex Karalexis has been cleared to fight again after breaking his right hand in his June win over Josh Smith. Karalexis is expected to be the next challenger to McCullough's title, and McCullough surprised reporters with strong words. "Alex better bring a pillow with him, because I'm going to put him to sleep," he said.

Karalexis has had only one fight at 155 that I'm aware of. Why does he immediately get a shot? Should be a good fight though.

I'd rather see Varner fight McCullough. Better match up imo.

Varner should fight mccullough instead.

Edit: Damnit Heddy beat me to it!


Good minds think alike :-)

Karalexis is exciting, I like this fight.

Karalexis has heavy hands, I like him.

when they said mccullough would be defending inNov i thought for sure it was the worm, not karalexis wow

Rob knocks out that sloppy stand up from Karalexis. K has heavy hands for sure, but go back and watch his fights, very sloppy, he is going to sleep

I like Alex but this is a step down from Crunk. It should be Varner.