McDonald’s worker on life support after being shot over fries

Working in a restaurant really is one of life’s great teachers. You learn so much about people. It’s astonishing how many legit crazy people, dishonest people and just all around horrible people you deal with. I never worked fast food, but I’m sure it’s MUCH worse.


I used to love working in a pub. It get all kinds of crazy people show up and act the cunt with me. Trouble is I don’t do customer service very well so they would quickly get told to stfu and get the fuck out.

I never actually banned anyone, I was actually told for not banning people.

I think this statement says more about you then the person in the story.

Getting cold McDonalds fries is like getting spit in the face.


They demand it but never give it.

Lol, you have reached this conclusion because of your extensive experience and interaction with the black community?

That blood looked fake.

Died doing what he loved.


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@HoneyGlazedJinx Thinks it’s perfectly reasonable for black people to act like this. He blames white people somehow, lol. Fucking retard.

Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the worker gave this young man cold fries and then told him to go fuck himself? What was he supposed to do? Take him to Judge Judy? Oh my job is so hard customers expect service with a smile and hot fries boohoo.

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You’ve obviously never been to a McDonald’s in NYC.

This happened in NYC where people get arrested 10, 20, even up to 40 times AND STILL roam the streets free.

“The tests negatively impact POCs in a disproportionate way.”- - left activists.

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Phew. For a second there I thought they were going to let that injustice slide.


Why do people like you keep saying this. The only thing I ever said was black people are angry for a reason. It’s not like they just decided to be mad at the world.

I’m 100 percent not ok with violence perpetuated by anyone. Learn some critical thinking skills goober.