McDonald's lady is super mad about long line, but sorry for saying n word

Fuck’n Wendy. Get it together!



I wonder if she’s married? If so, I bet her husband is miserable.

How snickerdly

“I can’t help myself sometimes.”

We’ve all been there, but the car really needs to be moving…

I’ve found that most black people are very forgiving and considerate if you apologize and explain that it’s simply in your nature and you can’t help it.

Gotta say I’ve been mad enough sitting in a long line after I’ve ordered and its taking for goddamn ever. Never started honking and never just started blurting out racial slurs. I have however just said fuck it and left. What a psycho. I deal with it at my job when we’re short staffed. Shit just cannot be done in a timely no matter what when you’re understaffed. Shit happens. Covid fucked up our ability to do things quickly and have had plenty of people lose their shit about it. On one hand I understand. On the other, go fuck yourself and have some understanding when people are short staffed, running around like headless chickens trying to help your annoying, irritating, impatient cunty fuckface ass…with a smile.

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I feel her pain. I too yell racial epithets when having to wait in long lines

Lady is Def off her meds.
In fairness, I was in a wicked long line at Dunks on a Sunday morning about a month ago and a car full of late teens/early 20s girls pulls in through the exit end and cuts 5 cars in line.
I may have opened my door, and yelled “there’s a fucking line!” But being blatantly inconsiderate and cutting are 2 of my big pet peeves.

I can’t believe people like that actually exist and can function in society.