McDonald's Wings

Has anyone been brave enough to try these yet? I keep seeing commercials for them. I myself have not eaten there in about a year. However, I am dying to know what sort of chemical chicken wing they have created. I can imagine some bone looking mold that they pour the pink slime into, or they reconstitute real chicken bones and dip them in chicken goo!

Ttt for answers. Phone Post 3.0

Been a couple threads about them.
General consensus seems to be that they're average at best, and too expensive. Phone Post 3.0

I ate some the other night after a shitload of drinking. They tasted more like fried chicken than your usual type of wings but werent to bad. I would pick somewhere else for wings though. Phone Post 3.0

I liked them, but yeah they are more like a mild spicy type of popcorn chicken connected to a bone.

I wouldn't buy them again though, would rather have my 20 mcnugetts for 5 bucks son! Phone Post

Have any of the New England area OGers tried the McLobster? Sounds gotdamn delicious. Phone Post 3.0

I guess, I should have searched, I wasn't aware, nor did I expect, there to be a thread on this. Thanks guys, I am about to drive over there and try them out of sheer curiosity.