McDowells in Australia serves a wagyu burger

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If you buy into “Wagyu burgers” you’re pretty misinformed. The entire reason wagyu is sought after is the high amount of marbled fat. Once you grind the meat, you just have ground beef with high fat content. That’s something any good burger has, regardless of the provenance of the beef.

When I make burgers, I just get the cuts I like to use (shortrib, chuck etc) and have the butcher grind it with fat to make it about 80/20.


Go fuck yourself scrapdo

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lol @ Mcdowells!


Still can’t go outside to go get one though…


Sure you can, you might just be followed by the cops, handcuffed, detained, questioned, etc… what is the big deal? It is wagyu, hipsters have instructed you to worship it.

Wagyu burger is just a marketing gimmick now, like all those fake Kobe burgers.

Black angus used to be the burger marketing infatuation and they have moved on to wagyu.

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As nice as waygu is, it isn’t great for burger patties.

I lived on the Sunshine Coast in Australia as a 19 year old. I didn’t anticipate how expensive everything was gonna be and didn’t bring as much cash as I should have, so instead of buying groceries, I would eat McDonald’s cheeseburgers almost exclusively. They had a two for one deal and I over did it. I’m just now getting to the point where I can eat anything from Rotten Ronnie’s.

I guess if you don’t have the capacity to refute my assertion, you can just curse me on an Internet forum. I hope it made you feel better about losing the gene lottery.

Have not brought myself to do it but some OGer said he even had them grind prime ribeye steak with their short rib and brisket for some gourmet burgers. I’m not sure if I can go that far and do that to a ribeye but I’m looking forward to trying short rib/brisket as a combo.

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Shut up you Burger King eating zionist

I’ll I get popped by USADA if I eat one?