Drew Looked great in that fight, well balanced stand up , just splendid boxing.. Very fun to watch love those need strikes... GO!! TFC

They weren't booing, they were DREWWWWING! Phone Post

Yeah that Samoan was tough as hell though. McFedries was throwing some sick jabs and combos

He got rocked for a sec....but to say it was almost a knockout is laughable lol. He got dropped but recovered quick

He's always been a solid striker although this was definitely the best he's ever looked on his feet. His problem has always been on the ground and we got to see none of that in this fight.

"More strikes than a labour union."


legit lol.

He had me at "More jabs than a diabetic" Phone Post

 "Gary Tapusoa took more shots than Charlie Sheen last weekend"


munn - he fighting tonite?

Buddy you gotta get HDnet , just order directv and its included. its the# 1 Station for MMA in the usa. It seems almost every week end now there is some live MMA