McGee vs. Herring WTF????

I am still wondering what is up with that fight. We have seen much better out of Herring and McGee did not even look like he knew what he was doing. The entire fight was just wild punches most of which did not land.

WTF it looked like any heavyweight could have taken these guys out.

I was surprised to see how gassed those guys were. I kind expected that from Gan because he's so much bigger but not from Heath. It looked as if Heath could barely stand up by the end of the fight.

Bas was basically screaming at Herring to hit the body. There's a 6'10 man turning away and holding his arms in front of his face. That's a whole lot of body just waiting to get hit, but Herring instead opted to throw a lot of wild punches to the head, most of which missed.

Not a good fight.