McGregor, Faber in physical altercation (video)

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                                McGregor, Faber in physical altercation at UFC 189 weigh-in

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                    <p>What seemed to start as a friendly exchange ended in a less friendly manner when featherweight challenger Conor McGregor walked by Urijah Faber backstage:</p>

Conor McGregor and another Team Alpha Male fighter almost fought a day before UFC 189.

A seemingly friendly greeting between McGregor and Urijah Faber almost turned into something much more backstage before UFC 189 weigh-ins Friday afternoon at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. McGregor mussed Faber's hair and pretended to grapple him, but it got serious very quickly.

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Lost in the #UFC189 madness seems to be Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber getting into a scuffle backstage. Seriously wild stuff going on today in Las Vegas.

Posted by UFC on FOX on Friday, July 10, 2015


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Of all the WWE-esque moments ever in the UFC, this has to top the list.

McG looks like an aids patient there. The fact he initiated the confrontation and then ended up with Faber pressing him against the wall, while it probably means nothing, still looks bad.

The master shit talker McGregor has let TAM get in his head. Someone can dish it out, but can't take it. Lol Phone Post 3.0

Lol, Conor's rasslin looks excellent

Lol wtf was that. Idk who the hell to blame there. I mean clearly Mcgregor was just being funny rubbing his head and then Faber touches his sides maybe commenting on weight cut before Mcgregor playfully? Or what happened there idk lol I can't possibly think he planned on grappling Faber in the hall but it kind of looked like it? Lol confusing and weird. Then the interview seemed like Connor wasn't playing so much so idk what just happened lol sounded like he took Faber touching his sides the wrong way but still if that why would the instinct be to grapple him like that lol whateva tho his girl was gonna bust Fabers head if he tried anytbing Phone Post 3.0

Where is the video? Phone Post 3.0

HeyMarkIt1886 - Where is the video? Phone Post 3.0
"Read entire article" Phone Post 3.0

HeyMarkIt1886 - Where is the video? Phone Post 3.0
On the article and on Urijah's instagram. Phone Post 3.0

has Faber not seen Snatch?? you don't stop a guy when he's walking...... especially not when he is bursting for a piss!! ;)

(Blue please)

arm drag to double...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

PS why was this made news over threads where the discussion is actually ongoing?

Bitch move by McCrapper trying to start shit after he initiates the playful contact. Fuck Ireland.

McCrapper...that's a new one Phone Post 3.0

Crack Head Connor

Wrestlers are very.. touchy.. Faber was playfully grabbing Connors sides and I think Connor took it as an advance. I don't want to concluded that CM is scared or on edge cause he responded in that way, but in his mind it wasn't appropiate behavior. So he escalated it.

To any wrestler the rib grab is just like a pat on the back. To test one's ease. Or encouragement.

But the head pat and the comment were.. rather disrespectful.

Like posters were saying last night. Fabers smile says it all.

Either way, it has nothing to do with tonighst fight. Except to show (partnered with the interview about it) that Connor may be on edge. Maybe just from the weight cut who knows.

Or, also, I don't know that many legit off the boat Irish people & this could just be a typical display of one of their indigenous behavioral mechanisms.

Connor made Aldo look like a little boy i thought .

Faber posted video w/ audio:

Conor starts it by patting Faber's head like a cat and saying "Hey little man". Then when Faber gets him against wall, Conor disengages and says he has to blow his nose and flees to bathroom.

Faber definitely got the better of the altercation. "I've seen crack heads roaming the streets that look healthier than McGregor right now."


BJ mentioned human chicken nearly a decade ago. I can't imagine having to piss that bad and hit the door so quick. Conor's got mad skillz

Man, the MMA world secretly would rather be watching soap operas.

If that was a physical altercation, a papercut is a near death experience.

Gossipy bitches, the whole lot of you. If that stings, then it obviously applies.