McGregor on TUF

usually not a fan of McGregor but he was cool with the kid who gave him the dolls of his likeness…Even gave the kid1000 dollars Her had a huge wad id say 20 grand at least of 100s…Also Im big fan of TUF I enjoy the build ups for the fights and its free


I missed last nights episode but I saw that clip on twitter of him giving the kid money for those figures. Pretty cool of him


It would be awesome if the kid made them so that when they get wet, the outside layer washes off and it reveals that they are actually Khabib action figures underneath.


Conor punched that old man for far less. Would he punch that kid if he tricked him like that?

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incredibly boring season

power slap was better


i couldnt watch 5 minutes of power slap

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the guys were really loud and dumb and fucked up and there was lots of them getting slapped

much better than two guys with no charisma spending 45 minutes talking about their families and pretending that hgh swollen conor is teaching them something


Sorry but slap fight show is worst show I’ve ever seen

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Well clearly you’ve never seen Jersey Shore then

you just want to watch shows where irish pumpkinheads buy toys from awkward young boys


I love jersey shore even Vacation Jersey Shore

no I like mma plus it gives a fight


I wish when you had people on ignore you didn’t have to see their reactions too lol

Having someone on ignore is a sign of defeat.i keep my friends close and enemies closer

I don’t have enemies. I don’t take this forum quite that seriously. I just ignore the posters who troll and don’t offer anything to this forum and it really cleans this place up lol

thats just an expression.But I would want lot see what others are saying ( about me )

Conor constantly looks and sounds strung up on the show. Young Conor was much more calm and collected. Now, Pressured speech, breathing fast, etc. Doesn’t seem like he is using energy efficiently. The combination of coke, alcohol and all the PEDs he is taking.

And he is way too bloated, bulky for his frame.

If the fight does happen, I say that he will gas after about 2 minutes.

He needs to follow his old motto of “get in, get rich, get out.”

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Water retention from the roids, “coke face” bloat, alcoholism bloat.

Brother is batting 1.000!

That ship sailed many barrels and kilos ago.

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Doesn’t matter to me what people here say!

Used to be against the ignore until relatively recently.

It’s just people who aren’t worth interacting with and I’ve wasted far less time with the trolls since I started using ignore.

No need to read or respond to nonsense, intentional or not.

I agree but I’ll never do ignore

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