McGregor vs. Chandler card does over/under 1.25 million PPV buys?

Chandler is saying 2 million is possible.

Michael Chandler believes Conor McGregor fight could earn 2 million PPV buys: ‘It’s very achievable’

Let’s set the O/U at 1.25 million. Without even knowing the rest of the fights on the card, do you figure it does more or less than that?

  • More than 1.25 million buys
  • Less than 1.25 million buys

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Not a snowballs chance in hell it cracks 2 million


It’ll probably do ~1.3-1.4M


I’m going a little more conservative: 1.1 million.

If they line up a great co-main, maybe it does better than that. But the way the UFC is stretching its roster with fights almost every weekend, I think they will let Conor/Chandler carry this PPV and put much lesser-known names on the main card.

And I believe the Conor mystique has largely worn off. He has lost 3 of his last 4 fights, getting stopped in all three losses. And he’ll be 35 by the time the fight happens this summer.

They’re doing TUF first, right? Definitely break 1.25

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Conor needs this win if he wants to keep his hype train up.

If they stack the card it could do over 2. Get another interesting fight for the co main. Or failing another huge co main a bunch of name(but interesting) fights to round out the main card

If it does anything under a million its a giant failure.

UFC is badly in need of a good ppv since the numbers have been down horribly. I know ESPN doesnt pay them just for ppv buys but overall viewership but I would guess a contract renewal might get them paid less.

They’ll have to have a title fight as co main…when is this supposed to be? August

Im hoping for a female co-main with a couple of 50% win ratio broads.

Bonus if announcers try to convince me i am watching elite skillz

Dana will put the whole marketing budget for the year behind it. It’ll do very well.

Also, this is a winnable fight for Conor. I can see it ending just like the Conor Alvarez fight.

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The hype is over with


Over Under on Conor calling Chandler a midget?

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They’ll market the shit out of it. I’d say 1.1M at least.


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Chandler is only hyping himself up.

I’ve got this one pegged for 1.5 million.

My favorite midget wrestling federation is charging 9.99 for their first ppv and they run like a full federation with storylines like they’re just a midget WWE and I will be giving them my money for live content on February 25, 2023.

TTT for Cowboy Lang & Billy The Kid.

Over a million but way under two million unless there’s some major TUF drama that goes mainstream, which I wouldn’t put past Dana and Mac to try and manufacture.