McGregor VS Mayweather 2 talks in progress

I don’t give a shit but as long as we keep this gassed up tomato can away from MMA all is good

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i enjoyed the first one but it was a one off. kind of like the levan devon arm wrestling match coming up. it’s fun to think the guy has a chance but once you see it it’s done.


Fight makes no sense at all btw, Conor got dropped by Khabib and knocked out by Dustin

Logan Paul did better against Floyd than Conor at least he survived

We saw this shit when it more relevant because Conor had people convinced that he was some great MMA striker, Floyd was younger…

now it’s a race to see if a tomato can cripple has gained anything on a smaller 50 year old


Anyone who pays for this trash should be euthanized.

ConorWinsTheRematch via clean KO



Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins via UD

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Floyd beat the Big Show up, so I’m pretty sure he’d make quick work of McGregor again lol.

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You’d have to be retarded to buy this.


Maybe I would by a McGregor vs Floyd fight if it’s under K1 rules

Bars might buy it but the rest of the world will stream. All arena tickets will be given away to “celebrities”

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Which begs the question, just how good of a fighter could PRIME Andre the Giant have become with six years of training at a modern gym like ATT? Say he walked in there at 18 and took a fight at 24. ATT trained PRIME Andre would have murdered prime Floyd in less than a minute.

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hope it doesn’t happen. he can’t even outbox mma fighters. I think he realizes he’s not on top of the game anymore and will try to cash out as much as possible in next year or two and bounce.

I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong if it actually happens but I don’t see how this would sell.

I don’t even think I’d care enough to stream it.

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Connor via headbutt

He’s gonna use his dirty Irish jippo tricks this time.

brad pitt mickey GIF

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This sets it up nicely for the trilogy.