McGregor's cryptic IG post



He's shook. 

Hiding from the cops after blasting some dude at a bar.

Free Conor

NYBAss -

He is acting like a black guy that just got his welfare check.

I'm guessing you meet a lot of black guys, when you go get your welfare check. You've managed to establish a pattern.

It’s because all the Irish newspapers have headlines today like “Irish Celebrity involved in Pub Brawl”. 

Apparently Ireland’s defamation laws are really strict so they can’t name him.

Rumor has it he lost a tooth in the dust up

He wants to take on Khabib in a ninja vs. ninja match!

He's in hiding.

he's fighting nate

Looked a little fucked up… bet Dee is furious lol

mindless optimism -

he's fighting nate

I still have a feeling Nate's fighting on 219. Maybe wishful thinking, but Din Thomas gave his own cryptic message on UFC Unfiltered about shocking people last minute with a big fight announcement.

Every time I see that gif, I swear it's Nick Diaz. 

Hes going full jonny bones jones im sorry to say

Yeah he’s losing the plot.

Him and Johnny Bones should start hanging out and doing lines together. Seems like they are both quite mentally off at this point.

He's obviously been kidnapped.

iEatConorCauk -

Every time I see that gif, I swear it's Nick Diaz. 

Plot twist.