McHargue MMA promo for download!

ok try changing .mp4 to .mpg so...

im pretty sure you need to have realplayer to play it. cam's idea :)

Edited for yet another failed attempt.


Well, I got the video from the link.

I am downloading Real Player to try it out.

Not RealPlayer...




I can't get it to work with quicktime or realplayer.

ok well not my fault :). Next time he will make an an avi or mpeg2 so everyone can watch :).

I couldn't get it to work either and have every codec under the sun.

I am going to try and change the extension name and see if it works.

dam, couldn't get it to wor,k either

I finally dl'ed it and it works fine for me. Then again, I am using Totem media player on Mandrake 10. No idea what Windows player you need...

Excellent vid by the way. If I tried those spinning kick/punch combos, I'd be puking all over the ring =^/


Any chance to host it and play it on a thread?

I'll see if I can convert it to something more compatible ...


The deal is that I need to get a video converter for Linux so I can repackage it. If I simply embed it on this thread, you won't see jack because Quicktime or Windows Media player will try to run it and fail.


Any luck yet?

no luck yet... I'll make a new post if I can do it.


I am also trying to hook it up, but isn't easy converting a 170 Meg VOB to something much smaller without quality compromise.