Mckayla trashing the FBI @ congress hearing

live on CNN now, she just finished but others are still to speak and then they are taking questions

not sure if this is news (i forget a lot of the details of the story) but she just said she told the FBI for over 3 hours about the abuse she suffered and they did nothing for over a year and a half while nassar continued to work with young girls. then when they did present a report about what she told them it was full of inaccuracies that seemed to minimize her abuse



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I sincerely hope Larry Nassar is being raped multiple times a day in prison.


The FBI needs some too.


does anyone know what the FBI’s excuse was for not pursuing charges? did they think maybe it was legitimate treatment that he was fingering all these girls? have they given a public explanation.

they also said the justice department declined to charge any agents, was there a report released that explained why? most of the senators that haev commented on that part seem to think people in the FBI should have been charged.

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I don’t understand what that lead FBI agents endgame could have been for for falsifying her testimony and trying to cover shit up. Just doesn’t make sense from a logical standpoint… and why the AG gave everyone involved a pass. Says a lot that about that cunt since wouldn’t even show up to defend her actions. Really fucked up situation.

Shocker, the organization that had a vindictive tranny closet case as their leader for decades, serial killer mafia guys as informants, and illegally spied on MLK and a President didn’t do their job? No way!!


FBI has declined to charge their own agents who have been found in possession of child porn.

Charging someone for a botched investigation isn’t gonna happen. They did fire one of the lead agents, though. The other one retired already with full pension.

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It’s the FBI… they plotted to kidnap a governor and withheld child porn on a presidential candidate’s son to help sway an election. That was all within the last year…

The FBI has no morals and I’m absolutely SHOCKED that they would do the same scummy shit here.

These alphabet agencies need a massive reset in power, they are all trying to make laws and change the course of the nation. Fuck them!


The FBI should be burned to the ground.


from what i remember, it was a legit treatment. it’s just a very obscure and unpopular one not typically used as a first line of treatment. and he used it every single time as his goto.

Treatment for what, hysteria in the 1800s?

download (97)

Sounds like you wish the touching of underage girls was legal… pedo!


It seems quite a stretch to defend the FBI here. Especially in light there have been cases where 16 year olds get charged for child pornography after their personal photos get leaked between boyfriend and girlfriend.

according to mckayla the first time she met him he told her to wear shorts and no underwear so it would be easier for him to “work on her”…

too bad alarm bells didnt go off for her right there.

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christopher wray appearing now, maybe he will have some answers… lol jk he wont

She bears ZERO responsibility for his criminal actions.


who the fuck would ever suggest she did? if you somehow read that into what i said then you are mistaken.

fact - its a shame she didnt see at the time that what he was requesting was in bad faith

necessary disclaimer for the OG i guess - obviously that doesnt mean anything is “her fault”, she was a little kid


Thank you for clarifying.

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this is absolutely heart breaking and hard to watch.


Aly Raisman’s testimony is just as hard to watch.

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