McKee Addresses Pavelich and MFC over Firing


Tonight on The Joe Show we were joined by Antonio McKee who was told by the MFC that they were going to dock 20 percent of his purse and cut him win-or-lose in his next fight for missing weight against Brian Cobb at MFC 32.

A lot of information was left out from MFC so check out this interview to get all of the information.

Antonio McKee i very candid with us and expresses his views on Mark Pavelich and the future of the MFC in general.


I think it's pretty bad business to tell a guy who is main eventing(?) that he's cut win or lose.

I'd probably strip buck ass naked after the fight and run around screaming bloody murder. No such thing as bad publicity. Phone Post

 I like this mother fucker

WestsideStrangler -  I like this mother fucker

You like Pavelich? Phone Post

Cliff notes por favor Phone Post

Doesn't firing a guy before he fights for your organization seem fairly stupid. Any number of things could go very wrong here. Phone Post

Isnt getting fired by MFC a blessing?

his past Friday Jesse Juarez met Douglas Lima at MFC 27 for that promotion's welterweight title. Lima left the ring with the belt, while Jesse limped off with a broken arm thanks to an armbar in the 3rd. Unfortunately for Jesse, things only got worse after that. I admit I don't know all the details, so I'll let Jesse's tweets tell his side of the story:

Thanks for all the support. Should heal up fine. Out for 6 wks at least. Broke my leg and arm in the 2nd round.

@mmahotstuff I need surgery on my arm, and since I flew home MFC says they won't pay for it. Damn it sucks to be a fighter sometimes.

@mmahotstuff nope, they never said anything. Never saw the insurance. They took me to the hospital, then said I can have the surgery done

Well, the president Mark Pavelich is looking into it. And he will get back to me.

@ManifestMark thanks bro. Now I just have to fight with MFC on paying for it. Ain't that a bitch!

Just in, mark Pavelich says I'm on my own since I left Canada. WTF!!! I break my arm and leg in his show. Now I gotta pay for it.BS!

That was the most rational I've ever heard McKee be. Phone Post

I think Antonio Mckee is being misleading by saying Brian Cobb missed weight. Brian Cobb weighed in at 155.6. I am pretty sure if Mckee came in on weight, Cobb would have made weight on the second try.



Let me guess, mckee claims it's racial?


 Edmonton doesn't give fighters a second try, BTW.

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WestsideStrangler -  I like this mother fucker
You like Pavelich? Phone Post

 Not at all