MCL Injury

Pretty sure I tore my MCL tonight in practice. Loud pop inside my knee followed by INTENSE pain. Went away, then came on again like a freight train. Not much swelling but I can't put weight on it and it seems loose, did I mention PAIN lol. Gonna try and squeeze in visit with my ortho tmw. What can I expect Best Case Scenario & Worst Case Scenario?

BTW - Thanks in advance!

Grade 1 - 1 week rest and you're good as new.

Grade 2 - About 1 1/2 months, some laxity. Its basically a partial tear. If you're fit your doctor won't put you up for a brace. Some people recommend you buy a generic one off the shelf just in case. Depends on how you feel. Most Grade 2's apparently come back with little problem. I just had one and after 3 weeks I'm starting to feel better. Hard to know for sure until over a month.

Grade 3 - A good 3 months or so. Its complete tear and I've heard that surgery may be an option. Most let it heal though.

MCL's a tricky because you have to make sure it heals in a decent fashion. If you let it heal too lengthened it will cause you laxity problems.

yama-arashi - thank you so much for the info. I really appreciate it brother.

Just did the MRI today, meeting with Dr. on Monday to discuss. He thinks it's ACL :( and maybe the miniscus. Thanks again

Whoa, hope its not the ACL dude. Let us know what the verdict is. If its any consolation, I also did my ACL last year. Tougher recovery but its worth it if you can get the surgery.

Thanks brother I will let you know on Monday what teh results are.