MD and Reality fighting Belts

Percy holds the MD Heavyweight title now right?
I want to officially Challange Percy. Please make this fight happen...

I want the MD and Reality fighting Belts so I challange Glenn Sandull also for that belt. Joe or Kipp please make these fights happen..

Jay White Team Renzo Gracie

Way to step up to the plate, Jay White good luck with the challenge bro, rep team Renzo.

Jay - Sean Gannon holds the Super Heavy Belt in Mass Destruction.

We are going to offer him a fight in February. If he declines then the Belt will open in our April show.

Percy Smith is fighting Brian Olsen in the Feb 26th Mass Destruciton event.

We would love to have you on that card as well.

Kipp, I heard Gannon had his license stripped by the Mass Boxing Commission.


What is the weight difference between heavy weight and Super Heavyweight? I would love to fight Gannon in the February Show.

I would love to fight Gannon. It's up to Gannon and Kipp.

It will most likely not happen


Joe Cuff is working on the weight limits.

I will give Sean a call. I do not thkink he will be fighting for a while so we will look to have a title fight in April.

please let me know if something opens up, i have someone from home that realy realy wants to fight gannon,,,,

Gannon will not be fighting in Feb.

White and Sandull is a great fight!!

Shaq Daddy

I would love to fight Glenn Sandull or Gannon. I hope to fight both soon because I want thier belts.

Jay - You beating Gannon would take the steam out of the Gannon/Kimbo marketing machine. I hope they give you the opportunity....


Me and Gannon will never happen he doesn't want to get STOMPED in MMA after his win over Kimbo.

ttt for jay.



Jay, I will contact you tonight after I get home from work to update you on what is going on...Joe

Well I know I won't be fighting Glenn.. Good luck to John. Talk to you later Joe.