Me playing WOW last night(pic)

This is what my screen looked like:

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Sorry Guys :-)

lol, you were pretty fucked up. I had to explain that quest to you at least 5 times =)


I can't see a problem with that screenshot.

Must be a new world thing

'And then you and Twunt were arguing over mining nodes...Twunt said "That was mine" and you said "I didn't see your name on it"..LOL'

Twunt is the WOW version of a Robber Baron :-)

a what?

American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source <!-- google_ad_section_start(name=def) --> robber baron  

<!--BOF_HEAD--><!--EOF_HEAD--> n.   <!--BOF_DEF-->

  1. One of the American industrial or financial magnates of the late 19th century who became wealthy by unethical means, such as questionable stock-market operations and exploitation of labor.

  2. A feudal lord who robbed travelers passing through his domain.

You're just stripping the Outland of its natural resources.