Meaning behind your SN?

I'll start. I began posting as FOKAI SOLDIER because at the time I was helping Richie Chou spread the Fokai vibe in Hawaii and he introduced me to this site to help promote ROTR events.

Then I went to MayhemMonkey671 to help spread the word of this Jason Miller guy I am a fan of.

Then one drunken night I came up with "JimmyNaks" which makes NO sense at all.


I used neckcrank808 because it was my screen name for my Xbox live account and was to lazy to think of another

fctv808 because i thought i'd be able to pick up high level internet broads. it hasn't worked so far.

NC808, I always meant to ask you about that.


Now I know.


I used to think I was really good at keylocks and many people used screen names like kimura, americana,armlock I came up with armlok :P

but in reality I wasn't that good and just had a really strong pull from my powerful back.....all them fukin rows, dips and deadlifts i did :( I'd grab an arm and explode like I was pulling a deadlift or cleaning a weight of the floor then twist and the person would tap.

How do I change my screenname?? I wanna be "Sgt. Slaphead", nickname given by a an old MSgt mentor because i'd do some of the dumbest shit and he'd whack my upside the back of my head and I'd self-correct. My wife now understands why I got the name :(

armlok - LOL

How do I change my screenname?? I wanna be "Sgt. Slaphead", nickname given by my old MSgt mentor cause he'd always catch me wacking off, and noticed that i'd repeatedly slap the head of my cahk to reach climax. My wife now understands why I got the name :(


Huge fan of the kung fu master + Dyslexia = SN

armlok, go up to Kirik @ NAGA and tell him. LOL!

Favorite Movie + only choke I know = Brabo Fett

 I read a book in Jr. high called The Ninja by Eric Lustbader. In it, the main guy battles this bad ass character called a Sennin.

Then I started playing D&D, then AD&D, then video game RPGs like Final Fantasy etc., that all require  you to come up with a character name, so that's what I always used. Then in HS, tagging became popular, then a few years later, e-mail accounts showed up, so I just stuck with the same alias.

Since then, every forum, video game, e-mail, XBlive, etc. has just been the same, or some variation of it. I found out a few years ago that it was also the name of some lame ass anime character, which kinda sucked, but I'd been using it for everything since about 1986-87, so I wasn't about to change.

Senin the immortal! Cool storys everybody.

Keep them coming!

Mine is pretty self explanatory. But I began posting because my husband was telling me the story behind Mrs Bjjtek. He thought it would be funny to use WuTang's name.

and your postings are appreciated!

I think WEBZBOX was a default from my email address. I would have chose a cool screen name like Toughguy or Brokeyourmouth. Nah nah nah! Jus joke!

Now that I really think about it I can't even remember signing up for this account and if I even had a chance to select a screen name. Was this place called at one time?

chef + rex kwon do

yes this was before. LOL!

 A teammate who used to post under LavaRock gave me the moniker in class

Diken Cider because I like to fuck

Diken Cider - Diken Cider because I like to fuck


Diken Cider - Diken Cider because I like to fuck

'Nuff said