Meanwhile, in FLORIDA

I was hoping he would snap and break her face. I hope this cunt is in jail.

I’m the end it looks like her feet were just hot. Totally understandable. She calmed right down once she was able to cool off her feet.

That guy is either a giant pussy or an ex con who is scared of going back jail if he beats that woman to death.


Dude is a pussy. This video actually irritates me at how big of a bitch he is.


Look at those tattoos, that isn’t an ex con.

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What kind of douchebag retard doesn’t defend the choke and step out of the car? Is he retarded? I don’t know who’s more retarded, him or her.

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There is something seriously wrong with that guy. He has to be on the spectrum. Or the biggest pussy that ever existed.

As crazy as that lady was, there is something even more off with that guy. What a comically pathetic video.


she was literally choking the poor bastard so hard you could see his bones protruding from his hands.


Those bath salts in Florida are on point.

He was getting off on that shit the entire time. There’s no mystery here.

quentin tarantino kb GIF


It’s a Florida exaggeration of the world we live in.
The guy is expected to accept the beating, because retaliation means his life is over.
The onlookers are there just to grab their wurlstar videos.
The woman will be out, terrorizing someone else within 24 hours.

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It’s a comforting thought that if you run into any SERIOUS violence within a major American city, the last thing you’ll see is a swarm of cellphones pointed right at your dying face.


American culture problem. she’s been doing shit like that probably her whole life and got away with it, because she’s a woman.

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If only he had installed some fart curtains

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Legit LOL

Lol. The bystanders were more game to defend that guy than he was. What a bitch. Some cunt bites me she’s getting 100% violence

lmao @ his face, he was truly terrified by a tiny old woman with one arm across his neck.

he showed amazing restraint
i was thinking he should break a finger to defend the choke
not his own finger, hers

Weird. I was thinking he should stab her in the throat with his keys.