Meanwhile, in South Africa

Won’t have to worry about him anymore.

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This is of course is a simplified statement, but the sentiment is true.

“What the fuck??”

Lol hilarious

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That left a mark.

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Yes, a blood splatter.


This is coming to America. The only difference? Whites are the majority. Our war should start off with us putting liberal white people in re-education camps until they can be integrated into white militias. If not we wack them first and with no mercy. Then it’s a numbers game.

Unlike SA where they are outnumbered by the baboons.


“Most black South Africans recognize this. By 2021, only 3 percent of them cited racism as a serious problem, according to a survey by the Institute of Race Relations. The same survey found that 83 percent of black South Africans were in full or partial agreement with the following statement: “Politicians are talking about racism to excuse their own failures.”


Informative article. Thanks.