Measuring reach

Can somebody help me out and explain the ways to accurately measure your reach?

fingertip to fingertip with your arms straight out, fist to fist, middle of neck to fist, or to measure your reach compared to your opponent, you place your fist on his chin and his fist on yours.

he's right, its not from the middle of the neck to the back of the fist.

I hate the new arm length measurement, because it doesn't take into account height. Sonny Liston was 6'1 1/2 and had an 84 inch reach, while Lennox has an 84 inch reach IIRC. Sonny would probably have longer arms (they hung damn near to his ankles) but that HBO stat still wouldn't factor the height difference.

As a rule, average people's reach is their height. Same way the length of your foot is always the length of the crook between elbow and wrist. Athletic people with big upper bodies skew the data, as boxers do, but I'd guess 90% of us on the UG have a reach that's within a half inch of their height.

Thank you everybody for your responses.

I was waiting for somebody to say what martin said, lol.