Meat shortage is coming soon if this keeps happening

Potato salad is normaly full of mayonaise, dipshit.

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Aside from random Asian twitter dude, where is this 10,000 number coming from? All news I’m seeing says over 2,000. Even assuming it’s 2,999 cattle dead that’s a pretty big fucking difference.

Obviously all the news is fake, but do we at least have a second random twitter personality to confirm this 10,000 number or perhaps add some more zeroes to make this news scarier?

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Doesn’t have to be, soyboy.

At least we can agree on “vegan” is code for sad tosser.

I eat steak eggs and white rice about 5 nights a week and chicken thighs with steamed potatoes the other 2 nights

I live in a province that’s almost twice the size of California with one million people living in it. More than half of the province is forested. Where I’m from there is much more wild game than people. The bush is dense and there lots of good marshes, sloughs and fresh water.

There’s fish galore, migratory and non-migratory birds a plenty, deer, moose, elk, bear, etc etc etc. About the only thing I wouldn’t eat is coyotes. I’ll just shoot them to get rid of them.

Not all of us live in a human infested hellhole filled with fast food, concrete and douchebags who can’t fend for themselves dude.

Enjoy your bug sandwich.


Pnw is cool this year. Snow at resorts past memorial day.


It’s like the old saying goes about Haskell County…

Just like all 3 of your orifices!

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Arent you a 50 year old father? I expect more maturity than that.

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well someone sure has a very NEGATIVE attitude! Odd though, because when I’m out and about the village walking at the park or to the cafe or foodmarket I find the locals to be rather cordial most of the time.

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The majority of “news” spread here and the internet comes from literally one tweet. If you look at said tweet, sometimes it’s from a verified account of some politician or public figure, and a lot of other times it’s just some random dude or chick.

I just sold 11 black angus calves this week and the price was up 16%. I probably could have waited and made more, but with the possibility of a long term drought, we were advised to sell as the market could get flooded soon which would drop the price.


Try Wickles spicy relish, it’ll change your life.

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Or this:



Didn’t his wife cheat on him?

We evolved to eat grains and vegetation too.

I’m available for hire. I will work nights watching your cattle. Anyone I catch trying to harm them, I will take out their eyes, cut their achilles and send them on their way.