Meat shortage is coming soon if this keeps happening

We try to harvest 3-4 every season for the freezer, plus a hog or two.


I don’t know…women do that sometimes

I eat that shit on all my sammiches, its amazing

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Spicy red

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By “this” you mean @NiteProwleR and @ABCTT_TFK_Mr.Smiff eating all the fucking stakes riiiiiiight ?

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Thanks. I might try both.

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Not for very long. This becomes apparent when indigenous people get access to globohomo food. Then one thing happens it it is always the same thing.
Health markers plummet. Disease explodes.

Photos of teeth are unanimous

before, perfect teeth even without a toothbrush


If that happens to animals, we say it’s inappropriate food.

Ive never seen the jalapeño one so it may be really good as well. But for the most part i prefer cherry peppers to jalapeños

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How do I know if those photos are connected to dental problems?

I prefer the red on a burger. The original on dogs and in tuna.


What do you even mean?
Before: mostly animal based diet, perfect teeth
Now: grain based diet, teeth are now so British they toast their 5 o’clock tea to the empire

you posted pics of nothing.

Have you tried their jalapeno relish?

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Are you drunk?
These are anthropological records.

Haven’t seen it in a store up here yet.

I sub to butcher box and so far price has only gone up 10 bux per box during this whole shitstorm

You guys ready for some printed steaks?


This is just trash, made by people who either don’t understand nor care about human health or ecological problems.

The world economic forum tells us that by 2030 we will barely eat meet. All of the main synthetic meat and insect food are all being funded by people who are partnered with them… Led by gates and bezos

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No, they are before and after pics of who knows what.