Meat shortage is coming soon if this keeps happening

Sure, buddy. Living in houses and praying to jesus could have also done this.

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This shit is disgraceful. From my understanding and from a business perspective it makes sense why they want to do away with real meat. You can’t throw patent on angus beef.

You can throw a patent on an alt meat formulation that will go into a bunch other ingredient. It’s all about the money.

Not to mention alternative meat and the vegan shit is soooooo fuckin bad for you. Lots of inflammatory oils and monocropped plants go into making alternative meats and vegan snacks. But in the name of saving the earth and cow farts we can’t eat beef.

Switching to everything vegan could potentially be worse. More processing more energy wasted for the processing. More monocropping all that shit.

It’s all about the money and it’s gross.

Sorry for the rant lol


Lets be honest, if the earth were really about to die the first thing that should be done is going back to a subsistence lifestyle, abolish cities, modern communications, modern transportation, and all things that are being pushed now. The fact that the solutions cause more problems, require more energy, and dont address the “science” is all you need to know

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So, now she’s a sheep doctor? Pffft.

This guy gets it.


Here’s a local farmer who does a thing about “protestors diets”.

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Sorry to disappoint, but Biden is not making a single decision as to what is happening in this country. The guy get barely get a coherent thought out, let alone make why decisions. He was the Dems chosen one to make sure there would be no one getting in the way of current crazy Dem policies.

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I mean we could always take a look at Biden’s cabinet. Who knows, maybe we can dig up some crazy White overrepresentation, old boys club and stuff, amiright?


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I’m about to have some apple-pie with ice-cream and coffee…for a NO MEAT breakfast…and will be having some Garlic Noodles like from the Vid I posted above later today…will have with some stir-fry veggies…

one doesn’t need to consume MASS QUANTITIES of FLESH to enjoy Good EATS

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This has almost no nutrional value apart from sheer calories. You can’t get strong from this, you won’t improve health and you can’t raise your kids on it. And it’s not a cultural pillar.
It might fuel workouts but then you’re more of a leisurely stroller.

But listen to this hypocrite, I’m gonna go destroy my son’s birthday cake, a veritable chocolate monstrosity. Bon Appetit!


I don’t think he’s advocating eating apple pie ala mode EVERYDAY. It’s a good occasional treat.

Didn’t a Biden member of staff recently admit that there is a hugely disproportionate Jewish influence in the white house?

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yeah, I need variety…Almond Croissants…Brioche with butter and jams or Chocolate sauce…ChocoChip Oatmeal Cookies…Biscuits with Honey and Butter…Baguettes with Jams and Butter…Crepes with FRESH WHIPPED CREAM and Jams…CinnamonRolls or Cinnamon Toast…Donuts…all great fuel for the ACTIVE URBAN WALKING LifeStyle :smiley:

sounds tasty

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Why don’t you faggots go eat some yoplait?

feminism lol GIF by Feminist Frequency


That’s chobani homie

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