Meat shortage is coming soon if this keeps happening

^what a SAD stalker!

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There was nothing angry or emotional about my lamenting about how so many can’t fend for themselves.

I’d argue that accusations of illegal activities and non-consensual sex acts seem angry and emotional.

I do live using modern convinces, and I also have an “off-grid” cabin in the woods beside an aerated trout pound and with access to all sorts of great in season hunting.

If there are meat shortages I’ll fill a couple of tags and my family with be well fed.


Good spread but you need some Brie with that.


Personally, I pass on the cheese with tuna.
More refreshing without it IMO.

Although…a slice of swiss or provolone can be tempting…

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^GRILLED Tuna with Cheese is GREAT! but if having cold then I agree with you, just the regular Tuna Salad

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We agree…

And I’m buying a lottery ticket today.

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I prefer butter, but yeah, that needs some Brie or Butter to go with that Jam!

Refried Bean Burritos!

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This thread fell apart fast


Add a good stick of white wine Salame!

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Time to call in the best, to get to the bottom of all of this fuckery.

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Must be apart of the great reset, joos done turned the thermostat up.

Weather this past week and in the next 10 days all in the 90s with high humidity except for this coming weekend being in the 70s.

No reports of mass deaths of cattle in my area though.

This is real peasant food. Almost no nutritional value. Just sugary paste.

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But with the Brie and the Salame?

Just bought a full cow Monday

Possibly, could also be Russia getting revenge for the war we are pretty much funding against them.


and the Breakfast of the French Foreign Legionnaires!

I saw that, crazy. To bad they could slaughter them. Be cool if the announced free cow day and country guys could butcher them in the garage

Yup, a lot of times it’s north of 100 degrees before noon here in South Texas, and it’s not even July yet

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