Meat shortage is coming soon if this keeps happening

Hahahahahaha no you can’t. It’s called mercury.

First the chickens because of avian flu and now cattle. People need to start acting now. When is the last time that 10,000 head of cattle died from heat stroke?


You can back the meat industry all you want, i do as well, but they will do some shady shit to justify raising prices.

And if you are in the industry long enough there are always little signs that let you know what is BS and what isnt.

Im not saying this isnt going to be used as justification to raise prices even further, but it very well may be.

One thing I do know: major inflation over the last few years hasnt slowed beef sales at all. Id say im selling even more beef than pre inflation. Chicken, on the other hand, has finally showed signs of people backing off overpriced wings and moving to legs/breasts. Pork flat out had to go back to near pre inflation prices (outside of ribs) because people werent gonna spend more.


So my point is, the beef industry knows full well they can get away with raising prices a little more. And trust me they will.

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What’s the move? Are there anyone even investigating all the factory fires yet??

Y’all know what’s fucked up? Remember when morons were fighting for toilet paper 2 years ago? Wait to the chaos happens when food shortages start…


The big guys got the smartest man he knows looking into it, in Thailand!


You can get those same results from the Auschwitz or Bataan Death March diets.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for veganism.

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This is intentional. Did they ever unload the cargo ships yet?

Lol @ the huskyfats with their red foreheads and veins popping out trying to lecture raskel and I about diet in between their ghasps for air as they’re constantly out of breath LOL SAD

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I bet you ate a burger within the past couple hours. Most likely had Doritos and soda as well.

The raskal TROLL talks a big vegan game but you can tell he eats meat six to seven days a week and I’m not talking about his “alternative” lifestyle when I say that either.

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I tend to skip rascal posts/threads out of habit, but I always assumed he was a big fat fuck whose screen name came from the raskal scooter he rides around on.


For lunch I had an Italian sandwich, pretzek mix, and vitamin water!

Surprised you went with the vitamin water, I always figured salami, capicola and pickles in Italian sandwiches would have all the vitamins a man needed to thrive for quite some time.


Not at all my man, you wanna get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Now that you mention it, I am having a salad this evening, potato salad. Had some hops and barley in my vitamin beers earlier as well.

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I can give you a great vegan poatato salad recipe if you’re interested.

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here is the SCIENTIFIC DATA concerning the Raskal-Bod via recent Hospital Sojourns:

Female Doctor documenting physical appearance: REGULAR

MALE Doctor Documenting physical appearance: “WELL Developed”

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I think my woman is making a garlicky BEEF & Broccoli stir-fry for dinner this evening. Still no significantly noticeable Food Shortages or Inflation in my area if one is a REAL CONSERVATIVE that KNOWS how to Shops the SALES


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Although Jim Walmsley isn’t vegan, he follows a vegetarian diet but doesn’t talk about it too often. His vegetarian diet consists of mainly pizza, allowing him to get the calories needed for those mammoth 175-mile weeks of running.’t,175-mile%20weeks%20of%20running.