Meater for BBQ / grilling TME

Just got one of these bad boys, have used it a couple times. Anyone using this or have tips?

What is that?


I plan on getting one soon.

It’s good but… unless you get the (very expensive) block extension it only works on Bluetooth amd has a supposed 10m range which in reality I get about 3m MAX on - so if you step away with your phone the app loses signal - so you end up leaving the phone near the oven/grill etc

They are ok - the probes are so thick that they’re useless on thinner meats like steak. Any wired temp probe with a wireless interface works just as well. The phone interface is good as is the ambient temperature reading - gives you a good idea on how stable the smoker is.

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Last thing I want to do is leave my $1,200 phone sitting next to a bbq all day just so I can know the temp.of my meat.

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